About Me

I was born in Livingstone, New Jersey, in 1971. A few months after I was born, my parents took me to Argentina, and left me with my maternal grand parents. They went back to NJ, and a little over a year later they came back with my sister Jennifer. I also have another sister, Lisa, the youngest.

I grew up in Buenos Aires, in a small city called Pontevedra, on the west side. I went to an all-girls-catholic school in Merlo, Sagrado Corazón de Jesus. When high school was over I knew I wanted to be a psychologist but I couldn't afforded so I studied Computer Science in Universidad de Morón.

In 1988 I started dating my first serious boyfriend and we dated for almost 8 years. When the relationship ended in 1995 my world crumbled since my life was built around his.

I then moved out of my parents house, and into my first apartment, and later I started dating a guy I met at a client. We had a good relationship for a few months. In 1997 I bought a house in Ramos Mejia and he moved in with me and things didn't go so well. He moved out. Around the same time my dad passed away. Argentinean economy wasn't doing very well either. My life was, once again, collapsing so I decided I needed a bigger change.

I got a job in Sao Paulo, Brazil, through an acquaintance from college and in 3 months I sold my car, rented my house, packed my clothes, photos and books; and in March 1998, I landed in Brazil. Those were, also, difficult times. Money was awfully short after a lot of unexpected expenses following my father's death, me quitting my job and making a big move, and my sisters not being able to help.

In Sao Paulo I was living in an apartment with 5 roommates, none of whom had any interest in helping me get use to the Brazilian life, I had no car so I was confined to the apartment most of the time, and I was just starting to learn Portuguese, so I had a hard time getting around. But I had a job and things improved over time. It took a lot of learning the hard way about life.

In 1999, I met a guy from Houston, Texas, in a project in Minas Gerais; and he offered me a job in the U.S. I didn't speak English but that didn't stop me. So I packed again, sold my car again, and in November of 1999 landed in Houston.

The job was a 2 months contract, and after the contract ended I faced the challenge to search for a job with little experience in the U.S. market and with a very basic English knowledge. Fortunately, I met a wonderful woman who helped me a lot and thanks to whom I could stay until I found a job, in March of 2000.

While looking for a job I spent a lot of time on-line since all I had was a computer and an internet connection. In January I found a picture of a very cute guy on-line and sent him an e-mail. He was the sweetest person I had ever talked to, and after many e-mails, chats, and a few phone conversations, we met in Baybrook Mall. We started dating 3 weeks after that, in September I moved with him to his apartment, and in December we got engaged. We bought a house in March of 2001 and got married the following September.

In August 2003, I got pregnant, and had to leave the company I was working for, since pregnant women and traveling consultants don't make a good match.

I started working as an Independant Consultant and did a lot of telecommuting. Kiara was born May 7th, 2004.

In 2006 I got pregnant again. Jake was born November 2nd, 2006.

In October of 2007 I joined the corporate world again by joining a small consulting firm.

My career has been very interesting, being on my own taught me a great deal about Corporate America and business in general. I have grown exponentially every year since I started.

I suspect greater things are still to come.

Last updated May 20, 2008.